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Its time to shine the limelight on American Pizza Mfg. in La Jolla Village!! This week we spoke to APM’s Mr. Andrew Melone to talk about what American Pizza Mfg.’s mission to provide fresh made to order food and ways they are currently helping improve our community in more ways than one!

APM is a firm believer that the best pizzas are ones that come straight out of the oven and is dedicated to providing top quality pizza to the residents of La Jolla. Mr. Melone described APM as “the only dedicated take-n-bake pizza restaurant in San Diego,”  that uses nearly all locally sourced ingredients, hand-selected vegetables, and makes all their own doughs, pastas, sauces, and dressings. All of these steps ensure that the pizza tastes as good as it looks!! And if it doesn’t? APM won’t hesitate to make sure you are satisfied and make sure you walk away with a smile and a tasty pizza!

And we can never forget how APM also contributes to a program called “Rising Dough”. This program is partnered with 15 other groups and has already helped raise nearly $7,000 for local La Jolla organizations since its start in November 2020. We love when our businesses give back to our community and APM is definitely taking the initiative to make La Jolla a stronger and better community!

So what news did APM have to share with us on future plans?

First, they have plans to expand! They plan to open stores in more San Diego locales, so soon you’ll have easier access to great pizza wherever you are in San Diego!

Second, you have to look out for their limited-time, seasonal specials!!! If you’re in the mood to try something new stop by APM and check out The Shandy. Then stay tuned for The Pendleton and The Hamilton, two more seasonal specials that are in the works at APM. And we can’t forget about dessert! A seasonal cookie is also coming this fall to end your delicious dinner on a sweet note!

American Pizza Mfg. is a one of a kind business in La Jolla, so come check them out on La Jolla Blvd and try their fresh and delicious food for yourselves!!