Cos Bar

This week week’s Limelight spotlight is on Cos Bar! Ready to shed your quarantine look and get back into a new, or old, beauty routine that has you looking your absolute best? If you do, you have to check out Cos Bar, a luxury multi-brand beauty retailer right here in La Jolla! We had the pleasure of speaking to Rhonda Ritter, the store manager of Cos Bar, and asked questions so we can give you some inside details about the store and upcoming events!

Cos Bar was founded in Aspen in 1976 and has continued to carefully supply world renown beauty products to customers ever since. With the help of knowledgeable and unbiased beauty specialists, Cos Bar helps you start or improve your current beauty routine. Allowing you to find your perfect go-to beauty supplies!

For great saving opportunities look no further! The La Jolla Cos Bar store offers 3% back with every dollar you spend and those lucky shoppers who have a La Jollalty card get an ample 10% discount when they show their card in store! Don’t feel guilty about looking at top quality beauty products, at Cos Bar there are always opportunities to save while you shop! And let’s not forget the gifts with purchases from specific brands that are available as well!

What does the future hold for Cos Bar? We were told that starting August 1st Cos Bar will be offering full-service makeup applications for special events with a $150 purchase, and in August and September customers will receive a gift full of deluxe samples with every purchase!  Rhonda expressed that her inspiration for Cos Bar was that “We Believe in helping everyone look and feel their very best.” And isn’t that everyone’s summer goal this year as we get back to traveling and late night dinners while taking as many selfies as we can? Expand and perfect your beauty products this summer by visiting Cos Bar in La Jolla and enjoy an amazing day in the village!!