This week we are putting the spotlight on Encelia Hair! Read on to learn about the owner’s incredible story behind the business and how her clients inspire her.

Owner Allison shares that “Encelia Hair is reinventing life with alopecia by giving women and children the tools that they need to live an active life well with alopecia.” She developed Alopecia Universalis during the eighth month of her second pregnancy and struggled to find a high-quality wig that fit well, was comfortable and was also realistic. For the past three years, she has been living life as a bald woman and has worked with hundreds of women who are affected by hair loss. 

Allison reflected on her unexpected life change and the start of her business, explaining, “The process of buying hair when you’re coping with the loss of your own was emotional, impersonal, and overwhelming, so I decided to offer clients a personalized one-on-one solution based on their hair loss stage, style, and personality.”

Selling and creating wigs presents challenges as well. Allison shares:

“Wigs are an imperfect remedy.  They are not multifunctional – they’re fragile, not covered by insurance, and they only last two years at most. And a well-fitting, natural-looking wig costs thousands of dollars.  Wigs are also hot, itchy, slip, and are a constant hindrance – simple everyday tasks become hard. Because of all of these things, many stop doing simple little things that make them feel better.”

Encelia hair offers a variety of wigs ranging in colors and design. One product is the Encelia Active | The Original Workout Wig. Allison shares the story behind the product:

“I desired a moment free of thoughts about my hair loss or my wig.  But, like so many women, I found wigs hot, itchy, and fit awful.  I didn’t want to brave it bald, but I struggled to maintain my active lifestyle. I found zero comfortable active wig options, so I created one, Encelia Active | The Original Workout Wig, which is incredibly most comfortable, realistic, and secure!  Then during COVID, taking what I learned from making the workout wig, I decided to design a unique hat system that allows women and children with hair loss to surf, cycling, & ski.  The hat system consists of a hairpiece that easily zips into three active hats that are designed to stay on your head.”

Allison also took the opportunity a year ago to launch The Give program, in which for every ten wigs sold, one is given away. “The program was so impactful and rewarding that I have now found a way to give even more! With these chic and functional Active hats, The Give has never been easier. Everyone can wear them. Anyone might need them,” she adds.

Finally, when asked what inspires her most when it comes to her business, Allison replied that it was her clients and their stories – “Seeing their strength, resilience, and pure grit continues to inspire me every day. It’s hard to understand what life is really like without hair, but seeing how my clients navigate life and strive to make peace with the loss continues to motivate me to figure out ways that I can help them!  My children and husband inspire me and motivate me because I want them to see a woman that is doing everything she can to make lemonade out of lemons.”