Merchant Discount Parking2

Street parking might be “free” but it has high costs especially when spots are taken by merchants and their staff.  From the loss of productivity and parking fines to lost sales and negative public relations – the more employees willing to park off-street the better as it frees up spots for shoppers, diners, and visitors.

In conjunction with ACE Mobility, LAZ Parking and Lifetime La Jolla; La Jolla Village Merchants Association is thrilled to announce the return of the Merchant Discount Parking Program. The current negotiated monthly rate is only $75 which is a 25% to 40% savings compared to current rates.  As the program expands further discounts may apply.  Parking garages are located in the heart of the village (Fay Avenue, Hershel Avenue, etc).  Exact locations will be confirmed on an individual basis. Merchants will pay parking contractors directly.

Anyone interested in securing one of these discount spots should complete this form to be added to the PRIORITY INTEREST LIST.