Earlier this year, the La Jolla Village Merchants Association embarked on a research project with San Diego State University’s Fowler College of Business’ Aztec Consulting Program.  Five MBA candidates worked tirelessly for five months planning, writing and conducting surveys (both online and in person); gathering and analyzing data; and, ultimately, making recommendations to help drive business to La Jolla Village.

The comprehensive research project offered some fascinating insights about the way visitors view (or don’t view) La Jolla Village Business District.  For example, 45% of those surveyed at Scripps Park (aka The Cove) and the La Jolla Open Aire Market either did not know about La Jolla’s shopping village or did not plan to spend money in the village.  “This is a huge opportunity for the Merchants Association,” explained Executive Director, Jodi Rudick. “We have suspected that many visitors see La Jolla as a beautiful scenic destination, but did not expect to learn that so many are unaware of the shopping and dining treasure that are just up the hill.”  La Jolla visitors site natural resources and recreation as the biggest draw followed by dining and shopping.  “Our mission is to bring business to La Jolla Village and we want to get creative about how we encourage and motivate the visitors to spend time and patronize our incredible boutiques and eateries — as well as enjoy sunsets, seals and scenery.”

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