Sleeping Sea Lion

Summer 2021 is proving to be a whirlwind of travel, shopping, and fun as communities reconnect after COVID-19 restrictions have lifted! And of course, what better way to remember all these new memories than snapping unforgettable photos and videos of all the great things you see. La Jolla is the perfect place for some Instagram worthy shots! Unfortunately, some of the residents of La Jolla are being harmed with too aggressive photographers and sightseers . La Jolla sea lions are a treasured part of our community and now is the perfect time to go down to the shore and see all of the new baby pups! Pupping season is from June to October, and seeing the adorable pups is definitely something to add to your to do list! However, there are guidelines you should follow before you go to see the pups. Let us tell you the basic safety precautions you need to take so you can have a fun AND safe summer!!

First, always remember to keep a safe distance of about 50 feet from the sea lions and their babies when going to visit. The parents can get protective of their babies (like many parents we know) and might become aggressive if someone gets too close, so keep a respectful distance no matter how tempting it is to get close. Second, never come in between a mother and her baby. After the babies are born there is a bonding experience that occurs between the mother and the baby. If the baby is separated from the mother too early, either by being touched or grabbed by someone, the mother might abandon the baby and the baby can starve and die when left on its own. Third, the babies are still learning to swim properly so never block their path to dry land when they are in the water because they can drown, which is something no one wants to see. Fourth, never disturb a mother sea lion when they are nursing. The babies need to eat undisturbed because they are unable to find their own food for the first 8 months of their life! So please let the pups eat in peace. 

As always please be considerate when you are visiting the sea lions, do not harass them in any way by getting too close for a selfie, feeding them, touching them, picking up the babies, or throwing any types of objects at them. If you follow these tips you and your family can have a safe visit to the shores and will only have to worry about which pictures to post out of all the amazing ones you took!  We love La Jolla and want to continue to enjoy the natural beauty it provides, so please respect our shores and we can’t wait to see you down in the Village!!