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Surfing is the local favorite way to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. From dawn to nightfall, summer and winter, and even on the rare cloudy day, you’ll find surfers dotting the water in black wetsuits, carving white wake into the breaking waves. La Jolla’s diverse reefs and beaches offer a wide range of surfing conditions in relatively close proximity to each other.

Best Spot For Beginners:

La Jolla Shores. A basic beach break with reliable, predictable waves make this spot the most popular for surfers of all levels. Ample parking and surfing lessons from local surf schools available.

Best Beachbreak:

Black’s Beach. Considered by many to be San Diego’s best wave. Just be careful not to use up all your energy to get there; Black’s is only accessible by hiking down the cliff (with your surfboard) or the long walk from La Jolla Shores.

Most Exciting:

La Jolla Cove. You won’t often find surfable waves here but when you do, look out! Certain times each year, this break, just outside the protected area of The Cove, creates some of the largest waves in the area. The size and the rocks should scare beginners away and rightfully so, but make a great photo for those watching from shore.

Local’s Only:

Windansea. The secret is not just knowing where to go, but when. The variety of reef formations around the Windansea and Bird Rock areas, just south of downtown La Jolla, create conditions that are difficult to predict. The waves vary with the tides and best left to be surfed by advanced surfers who know them well.